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logo100x100- REMEMBER: You invest long term and not short term. One day’s results mean nothing. One week’s results mean nothing. One month’s results mean nothing. One year’s results mean everything.
If you are capable of following above steps faithfully then you can’t show a significant profit at the end of 12 months, If Not, then you’re not "investing" and should continue playing the game for fun.

The following statistics are here to prove that statement is correct and if You “invest” and don’t “gamble” in long term then it is here to help you accomplish your goals.

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Total profit: 28376.62
Total yield: 162.12 %
W: 239 L: 193 Hit rate: 51.96 %

Last 30 Days

Tipster Profit Yield %

Last 90 Days

Tipster Profit Yield %

Last 6 Months

Tipster Profit Yield %
2021-2022 -206.50 -36.23 %

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